History of Our Transmissions

“Not all transmissions are created equal”


Every RedLine Diesel Power Transmission is built with 17 years of experience and knowledge behind it. We are constantly testing our products to give you the very best. RedLine Diesel Power strives to build you the highest quality transmission, period.  We have well over 1,800 customers (and counting) using our transmissions every day whether it be for a tow vehicle, daily driver, hot rod, drag racer or truck puller. You can be confident we have a transmission build that will hold up to your needs and put the power to the ground. 

Before diesel pickup trucks were popular, I had a reputation of building fast cars.  I started out working on hot rods at the age of 14. By 15, I had rebuilt my first transmission. I have always been passionate about automobiles.  This has fueled my passion to advance the diesel industry by offering a quality product at a reasonable price. 

We started building diesel automatics 17 years ago out of necessity.  I had purchased a “built transmission” from a nationally known company and it last only 1,500 miles behind a 400 hp truck.  After going round and round with them with their “warranty”, I decided to fix it myself.  Through trial and error (and a lot of research and development) I have designed a build-to-suit your needs from an improved stock build all the way up to a 2,000+ hp monster. 

Not all transmissions are created equal. There is a big mis-conception out there about the words “built transmission”.  Throwing a shift kit in the transmission and a new torque converter does not make it a built transmission. Most shops will sell you on this theory, and tell you it will hold up to anything. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Unfortunately, you will be lucky if it holds up for a month.  What good is their warranty if you have to take it back ten times.

At RedLine Transmissions , I custom build you a transmission with parts we have machined just for our transmissions. Whether it be a billet shaft, lever, spring, valve, converter, strut, clutch, steel, etc. It is made from the highest quality materials and in the USA.  You get the owner building your transmission, so quality control is very high. How many shops can you go to and have the owner build your transmission? Not very many.  Whether you have a Dodge Cummins, Chevy Duramax, or a MOPAR, I will build you a transmission that will exceed your expectations.  Please call today to get an estimate and schedule your appointment.  See you soon.


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