Services & Repair

What we are KNOWN for!

RedLine Diesel Power specializes in Automatic Transmission building for:

  • Dodge/RAM diesel and gas pickup Trucks
  • GMC/Chevy diesel and gas pickup Trucks
  • Ford diesel and gas pickup Trucks
  • Custom valve bodies
  • Single, Triple and Five disc torque converters

MODELS include:
DODGE/RAM 2500/3500/4500, GMC Duramax, & FORD F-250 & F-350

What we ALSO do!

We sell and install:

Dodge/RAM, GM & FORD:

  • Manual transmission clutches
  • Upgraded single disc, dual disc, and triple disc from South Bend and various other manufacturers

Dodge/RAM & GMC/Chevy

  • Turbochargers stock replacement to full competition
  • Exergy Performance injectors stock replacement to 500% over stock
  • Intercoolers
  • Air intakes
  • Fuel System upgrades
  • Injection pumps
  • Lift pumps
  • & much more

We ALSO offer…

We offer engine work and head gasket replacement all the way up to complete motor builds for Dodge/RAM diesel trucks only.

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