Dodge RAM

68RFE Transmissions



Overview of Performance Transmission Upgrade:

If you find yourself asking why do I need a performance transmission and when should I get one, here are good things to consider.

  1.  Increased Power: A performance transmission upgrade for the 68RFE is recommended when you’re planning to significantly increase the power and torque of your vehicle. The stock transmission may not handle the added stress from high-performance modifications.
  2. Towing and Hauling: If you regularly tow heavy loads or haul substantial weight, a performance transmission can provide enhanced durability and better heat dissipation under demanding conditions.
  3. Improved Shift Performance: Performance transmissions often offer quicker and firmer shifts, improving overall drivability and responsiveness.
  4. Preventative Upgrade: Upgrading the transmission preemptively, especially if you’re planning significant power modifications, can help prevent potential failures and increase the overall reliability of your vehicle.

If you are looking for an upgraded stock build or a transmission that can hold serious horsepower, you are in the right place.