FORD Transmission 1993-2002 E40D Stage 3

FORD Transmission 1993-2002 E40D Stage 3

Heavy Towing/Performance

Designed to handle towing over 12,000 pounds.  It has almost double the cluches of a stock unit.  Modified valvebody, planetaries, 3 disk Goerend custom stall billet torque converter, modded pump, deep pan, etc.  You will enjoy this transmission it is our best seller. 

The transmission includes: 

  • Goerend Low Stall Billet Cover Three Disk Converter
  • High Pressure Front Pump
  • Increase Clutch Count(Doubling your holding power 
  • Redline High Pressure Custom Built Valvebody
  • Alto Red Clutches 
  • Kolene Steels
  • All New Bearings 
  • New Gaskets and Seals
  • Thrust Washers
  • Filter
  • Sensor
  • Lockup Circut for increased Clutch holding power
  • New Solenoid pack
  • MAG-HYTEC Deep Pan

Horsepower Rating: 500hp to the tires.
Build Cost $ 5,500.00