You need your transmission to meet all your driving needs. Whether your truck is used for daily driving, towing, hot rodding, or truck pulling, you depend on it to work hard. So make sure your transmission can handle everything you throw at it.

At RedLine Transmissions, each transmission build uses only the highest quality parts. Engineered with performance, longevity, and durability, this is a transmission only an enthusiast like Karl, the owner of RedLine, could design.

Learn more about our custom-build Dodge RAM, GM/Chevy Duramax or Ford Powerstroke Transmissions. If you use your truck as a daily driver, work truck, tow vehicle, drag race/truck puller, or for extreme competition, you will find a transmission build to suit your needs.

Take advantage of:
    Better Fuel Economy
    Increased Towing Capability
    Firm shifts
    Additional Horsepower
    Upgraded Performance

We can build your transmission, install it or ship it to you. Buy online or call us to place an order. If you have questions or would like to talk to an expert, feel free to give us a call! 330-345-3000

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