GM Allison A-1000 2001-Present Stage 5

GM Allison A-1000 2001-Present Stage 5


This build is designed for trucks making up to 1,000 hp at the wheels.  This build is the same as the stage 4 with the addition of a Billet input shaft, Intermediate Shaft, and Output Shaft. This build has the maximum Line Pressure and clutch count that you can fit in an Allison! We spec out a Goerend 3 Disk Billet Stator Torque Converter and a Billet Flexplate with this build. 

The transmission includes: 

  • Gorend Three Disk Low Stall Billet Stator Torque Converter
  • Raybestos GPZ clutches in every pack with increased clutch count in C-1, C-2, C-3 AND C-4
  • Billet Input shaft
  • Intermediate Shaft
  • Output Shaft
  • All New Bearings 
  • Bonded Pistons
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Pressure Switch
  • RedLine High Pressure Pump
  • RedLine High Pressure Custom Built Valvebody
  • New Valvebody Harness
  • Upgraded C-2 Piston (Apply and Release on five speeds)
  • Mag Hytec Extra Capacity Transmission Pan

Horsepower Rating: 1,000hp to the tires.
Build Cost $ 7,900.00