DODGE/RAM Transmission 1994-1995 47RH Stage 4

DODGE/RAM Transmission 1994-1995 47RH Stage 4



Now we are getting serious.  This transmission is built for competition use.  It will hold 1,000hp to the tires. I know. I tested it in my own truck.  It has the ability to be street driven and can still tow. 

This build includes:

  • Aermet Billet Input shaft
  • TCS Maraging Billet Intermediate Shaft
  • TCS 300m Billet output shaft
  • Billet Flexplate
  • Billet Triple Disk Goerend Custom Stall Torque Converter
  • Raybestos GPZ clutches and Kolene Steels Throughout, with additional clutches in Forward, Direct, and Overdrive
  • Redline Proprietary Overdrive Brake Reaction Plate
  • HP 2nd gear band
  • TIG Welded Planetary Hubs
  • Billet Reverse Servo
  • Billet 4.2 Lever
  • Billet Band Strut
  • Billet Accumulator
  • Redline Front Servo
  • All new Bearings
  • Upgraded Thrust Washers
  • Welded Planetary hubs
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Redline Custom Built and Dyno Tested High Pressure Valvebody
  • New upgraded Sensors and Solenoids
  • Deep Capacity Transmission Pan (4 additional quarts of fluid)
  • Bead Blasted Cases
  • High Quality Silver Metallic Paint Job

Horsepower Rating: 1,000hp to the tires

Build Cost $7,500.00

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