DODGE/RAM Transmission 2007.5- 2018 68RFE Stage 3

68RFE Transmission HD-MAX/Stage 3 2007.5-2018 DODGE/RAM

Heavy Towing/Performance


This build is engineered for durability and performance. This build has all the billet hard parts necessary for heavy towing, spirited driving, hard work, or just for fun. This is your transmission build. Rated at up to 700HP

The transmission includes: 

  • Billet Flex Plate
  • Billet Input Shaft
  • Sonnax HD Overdrive Shaft
  • Triple Disk Goerend Low Stall Billet Torque Converter 
  • RedLine Transmissions Custom Built High-Pressure Billet Valvebody
  • New SSV Valves
  • Custom Bonded Separator Plate
  • Billet Aluminum Channel Plate
  • Billet 3-Ring Accumulators
  • Custom Billet High Capacity Overdrive Drum with 50% increase in holding power
  • Alto G3 Clutches and Steels (Increase holding capacity in 2nd & 4th clutch packs)
  • Blueprint Hard Part Inspection
  • Precision Assembly
  • 225PSI Line Pressure Compatible
  • RedLine Modified Front Pump, which is completely vacuum tested and repaired as necessary. Including a brand-new heat-treated separator plate
  • RedLine High-Performance UD, Reverse and Low Reverse Clutches and Steels
  • All New Bearings
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • New Bonded Pistons
  • New White Top Solenoid, pack
  • HD L/R Sprag (Roller style)
  • New OE Speed Sensors and Line Pressure Solenoid
  • Tig Welded Input Planetary
  • New MOPAR Filters
  • Deep Capacity Aluminum Transmission Pan
  • Bead Blasted Transmission Case Painted in High-Quality Silver Metallic

Horsepower Rating: 700rwhp to the tires.
Build Cost $8,800.00

Choose this transmission if:

You tow over 12,000 lbs
You are building your transmission for longevity
Your truck is hooked to a trailer more than it is not
You have upgraded injectors or are planning to upgrade the injectors
You have an upgraded turbo or are planning to upgrade the turbo
You have oversized tires
Your horsepower level is above 550
You have a lead foot

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