DODGE/RAM Transmission 1994-1995 47RH Stage 2

DODGE/RAM Transmission 1994-1995 47RH Stage 2

Daily Driver/Light Towing


This transmission was designed for trucks with up to 450 horsepower. It is the perfect fit for the daily driver that does occasional light towing. (Less than 12,000 lbs) This build is the perfect option for the truck that has mild modifications such as a fuel plate, and increased timing. It offers many performance benefits with a price tag comparable to a stock rebuild.

The transmission includes: 

  • Low Stall Billet Cover Single Disk Converter
  • Redline Spec Clutches and Steels with Additional Clutches in Direct
  • Upgraded 2nd Gear Band
  • Billet 4.2 Lever 
  • Billet Band Strut
  • Redline Servo Upgrade
  • All New Bearings 
  • Thrust Washers
  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Redline High Pressure Custom Built Valvebody
  • New OD/LU Solenoid pack

Horsepower Rating: 450hp to the tires.
Build Cost $ 3,950.00

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