Diesel Dog


I’m Diesel.

Chief Happiness Officer
RedLine Diesel Power

I am a yellow Labrador Retriever. I am your above-average shop dog. I love to be around diesel trucks and enjoy watching everyone in the shop build a transmission. I am a dog of skill. I am a trained ballplayer and runner. I can find sticks and have no problem carrying them home, even if we are miles away. I pride myself on announcing when a visitor arrives. I also have a degree in begging for food, grabbing something off that floor that I am not supposed to have before my people can take it from me, and tearing anything I find to shreds—a Master’s Degree in that last one.

A Little Bit More About Me…

I love to go to the drag strip and was born to be around diesel trucks. I love to be in a truck with a transmission that shifts firm and has a good amount of power behind it. Diesel fuel runs in my bloodline. I can be sure that my name picked me.

Get to know Diesel! What is your…?

Favorite Food: It is food? I’ll eat it. And for that matter, rocks, mulch, grass, anything that hits the floor. Yep. Anything.

Favorite Pass Time: Playing ball. Here is how I like to play. You throw the ball. I will go get the ball but I insist you chase me around to try to get the ball back.

Kryptonite: Water! Are we washing a car? I’ll help! Watering the lawn? I’m in? Do your flowers need a drink? I’ll help! Needless to say, I’ll jump in anytime I can.

Fastest Quarter Mile time: Once they start letting dogs on the drag strip, I will let you know. I have witnessed my dad go 9.00 in this Pro-Street Drag truck. Does that count? Yeah… It counts.

Best Feature: My underbite. It’s my trademark and 99% of the time, gets me anything I want.